Progress On An Unexpected Romance

Well, finally I am back to my writing. After spending what seemed like months getting all my books published on Smashwards and doing a lot of reworking on some of my texts on Amazon to get them nice and tidy I am finally back on my heist novel. It is good to be writing again and I am now about 2/3 of the way through the first draft.

I have described before how even though I kind of know where my book is headed I really don’t have a strictly formed plot, but find that my characters dictate where the book is headed. And this has happened once again.

I am sure I am not giving anything vital away when I say the story is about a heist. After all the title says it all: Lights – Camera – Heist!  However the subtitle has changed.  It was An Unexpected Misadventure and now it is A Romantic Misadventure.  The reason? Well I find that my two lead characters are each having quite an unexpected romance – and not with each other.  I know that “romance” books are a major genre and while I would hardly call this a romance there certainly are romantic elements along the way.  Once again I am taking a genre different from my other books and playing with it.  I don’t call myself a genre-bending author for nothing.

It’s going to be interesting to see where this finally ends up.  One thing about my writing is that it is as much fun writing it as it is reading it.  There are always lots of surprises and along the way and I discover them just as the reader does – by going through the book itself.

Oh yes, and another announcement.  One of my short stories “Cheap Trick in the Dunk Tank” has been selected for an anthology on The Round UP Writers Zine.  Don’t know the publication date but will let you know when it’s out.



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