Launch of “Lights – Camera – Heist! A Romantic Misadventure”

My new novel “Lights – Camera – Heist! A Romantic Misadventure” is almost ready for publication.  I have been working with a designer for the cover and it is ready.  And I am in the final edits prior to publishing.  I plan to have a print version and ebook on Amazon, and an ebook version on Smashwords.

I will be advertising and having a book giveaway on GoodReads as soon as it’s all set up.  I will be announcing that when it is ready to launch.

I am really excited about this book.  It started out as purely an art heist story but soon developed into a double romance, for both of the two main characters.  Not a romance between them, but with other characters.  As always, I am intrigued to see how my story develops as I am writing it.  I knew where I was going with the story but many surprises popped up along the way.  And once again, characters I thought were incidental ended up growing into major characters.

I thought it might be fun to give you a little taste of the new book.  This is from the first chapter and involves the getaway after our lead characters have heisted a rare and valuable cello from an Emir in Dubai.

“Let’s get out of here,” Jack yelped, grabbing the cello case and running towards where they had a docked speedboat waiting for them.

Jack looked up. The clear breezy sky of earlier had turned into a massive dark threatening sky with considerable wind. A squall was brewing out over the regatta, and many of the boats were already heading back to port. This did not bode well – as Jack was counting on escaping through the confusion of the regatta should they be discovered and followed.

“Here.” Max (Jack’s real name) handed the cello case to Madeline (Felice’s real name) who was already in the boat. Max jumped in after, started the twin engines, engaged the gears, and sped off into the Gulf, looking over his shoulder to see if there was any threatening activity at the palace indicating they might have been discovered. But so far so good.

Their final destination was to be Abu Dhabi, another small country right next to Dubai. They thought it might be easier to flee from another country in case the theft was discovered and an alert sent out to the Dubai authorities at the airport.

Max roared the boat across the water towards what remained of the regatta. The spray from the choppy waves was blowing over them and the cello case.

“Getting soaked back here,” Madeline called out to Max. “I’m worried about the cello.”

Max turned to look. “Not to worry, the case is waterproof. It’s top of the line.” As he turned, he was troubled to see a helicopter rising from behind the palace. Helicopter – he hadn’t thought of that. He expected to be pursued by a speedboat if discovered, and he felt they had a good chance of escaping if that were the case.

“Ah, Maddie, I think they’ve caught on.”

Madeline turned to look towards shore. “Uh oh.” She spied the helicopter now closing in on them quickly. “They’re coming right for us. How do they know where we are?”

Max thought a moment, “Oh shit, I bet there’s a GPS chip in the case. Just like the sneaky bastard. Throw it overboard.”

“Are you crazy? That’s our score.”

“They want the cello more than they want us. Do it! Don’t worry – it’ll float. I promise it won’t be harmed. And I have no intention of rotting in an Arab prison.”

“Okaaaay.” Maddie picked up the case and tossed it as far as she could. Max swerved the boat away from where the cello landed and headed for what was left of the straggling regatta, truly hoping the Emir’s men would be more interested in retrieving the cello than them.

It seemed to work. The helicopter hovered over the cello as a seal team descended by cables to pluck the case from the Gulf.

Max gunned the boat at full speed towards Abu Dhabi. However, it took them directly into the path of the squall. Maddie was keeping a close eye on the helicopter as it completed its retrieval of the cello.

“Ah, Max, I think they are going to come after us. Can we go any faster?”

“Not to worry, they won’t be able to fly into this weather. We’ll be just fine.”

“You’d better tell them that. I don’t think they got that memo.”

“Huh?” Max turned to look. The helicopter was racing furiously towards them.

Because he was turned away, Max did not see the massive wave piling up over them like a malevolent mountain. Too late he saw it, vainly trying to turn the speedboat into the wave. However, it caught them broadside and tumbled them over like a matchbox toy in a child’s demolition derby. The boat was tossed into the air, propellers spinning wildly. It rotated several times but there were no longer any passengers visible.

The helicopter briefly hovered over the upside down boat, searching for survivors before retreating from the onslaught of the storm as quickly as possible. After all, they had the cello and that was all that really mattered.

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