Finally it’s Out There – “Lights – Camera – Heist! A Romantic Misadventure”



Very happy to report that my latest book is published.  The print and Kindle versions on Amazon are still under review, but all versions of the book are available on Smashwords.  The Amazon books should be up and running by Monday.

In an effort to become more visible, I’ve discovered a marvelous website called  It offers many services for $5.  It has a large array of design services and also marketing and website optimization.  I am exploring using their services and am very excited to see if it bears any positive fruit.  Will also be doing a book launch with a group I found on this site.

I want to acknowledge that I learned about this through a wonderful e-book called “How to Make Your Book Work Harder: How to Use Multiple Platforms to Make More Money.”  I highly recommend this book and believe it would benefit any self publishing author.

You may go to my Published Works page to connect to all the sources to purchase any of my books.

I do hope you enjoy the new book.  It will appeal to a new audience for me – those who love romance as well as a good heist tale.

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