2015 a Breakout Year

Happy New Year and may you all find success in your endeavours.

Several things to report here.  I won second place in the New Mexican holiday writing contest.  It was for flash fiction, which I had never attempted before, and I was pleased to win a prize.  Since it is short I will copy it at the bottom of this post for you to enjoy.

And I’ve had an idea for a children’s book for the 3-7 age range.  I’ve not done a book for kids that age before and it will require illustrations.  I found that I had a program called Paint on my computer and I am going to try my hand at doing the illustrations as well as the text.  I also found that Kindle has a template just for children’s books so it will be fun to work with that as well.

And I am about 2/3 to 3/4 through my memoir on London.  I expect to have that up and available in a month or two.  But you never know for sure how long it will take.

And here’s the winning story:

Lazy Morning


Mr. Periwinkle was not about to move.  He had his cozy little spot in the sun and he was not going to shift for anyone or anything.  He shook himself to settle deeper into his comfortable spot – his eyes halfway closed, but not completely.  He didn’t know what might pass his way and he didn’t want to miss anything interesting.

What was that?  He opened his eyes.  A blowing leaf.  Of no interest.  His eyes began to close again.  A foot twitched.  This time his eyes closed all the way.  He was on the edge of sleep.

Asleep he could forget his arthritic joints.  He could run, climb trees, jump creeks.  Even catch a crawdad along the shallow edges of the stream where the bank sloped.  He missed grass.  Just rolling in the grass or lying on his back staring up at the clouds, sprawled out like the disjointed fleece toy he saw Sandy, the dog, playing with – shaking it fiercely and then abandoning it like road kill when she was called to dinner.

He was suddenly jolted awake by an insistent itch at the back of his neck.  After a good rigorous scratch he settled back into his reverie.  Once again his eyes slid closed and this time he was snuggled up close against his mother.  He knew he would never forget her scent.  Like loam on the forest floor.  Like fresh laundry tumbled into the basket, fresh from the dryer.  Like sweet warm milk.  Oh this was all so good, and it called for a really good deep stretch.  How satisfying this was – back arched, legs out straight, toes curled.  Now back to sleep.

The sliding door to the patio opened.  Mr. Periwinkle’s eyes eased open slightly.  Oh, it was the tall one going out.  Luckily the door frame just missed where he lay.  Then the door slid closed again.  Tall one gone.  But before closing his eyes he checked the position of the sun.  Had it moved, or could he still snuggle here a while longer?  No, he was good.

The eyes closed once again.  In the winter this was his favorite morning spot.  The sun at this time of year was low and came in strong and warming.  There was no sun in this spot during the summer.  But he had other favorite places around the house.  There was the dark quiet closet which the tall one sometimes left open so he could slip inside.  And there was that sweet spot under the desk behind the waste basket.  The tall one was often there, and it was nice to be close to him.

But now?  Just now, Mr. Periwinkle needed something else.  Yes, time to nibble again.  Too bad the canned food was not out.  He would have to make do with the bowl of those dried kibbles.  Oh well, it was better than nothing.  He stretched once more, and wandered towards his bowls, his tail waving so elegantly behind him.

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