New Book – Yank

Wanted to let everyone know I just finished the first draft of my new book Yank – An American Male Model in 1960’s Swinging London.  It seems like every time I start a new project I wonder if it will be long enough and will it be interesting to the reader.  And this book is a departure for me as it is a memoir of the time in lived in London when I was much younger.  It was a challenge because, even though I knew the events, and I knew the characters, I could never remember exactly the events and certainly not what each person said.  So in many ways it became like writing fiction, except the events and characters were real.

In any case, the first draft is now completed and I am beginning the editing and sweetening process.  I always enjoy this part.  Not that I don’t enjoy the initial writing, but this gives me the opportunity to savour what I’ve written and tweak it and make it even better.

I already have the photos for my cover – two of my modeling photos from back then.  They are quite nice and I think will make a good cover.  I hope to get started on that soon.

Another bit of news is that I have just finished the text for a young children’s book.  It’s called The Little Christmas Tree Nobody Loved.  But with a children’s book the illustrations are a major important factor.  My next task, and it may time some time as it’s expensive, is to find an illustrator that is appropriate for the style and tone of the book.  If any of you are illustrators, or know of anyone, contact me and we can explore that.

And lastly, I want to announce I have aligned myself with a new book promotion company called Epic Book Launch.  We are going to work on a major promotional campaign for all my books, and I am very excited to work with them and see what they can do to take me to the next level with my book sales.

Will update as events progress.


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