Wow! What a Great Ride

the seed- promo cover-2

Yesterday was launch day for my book The Seed, as I reported earlier.  And what a phenomenon it was.  When I first checked on the progress, first thing in the morning,  there were over 3,000 downloads on Amazon, and every time I checked throughout the day it kept rising.  And the book ended up being #1 in 11 different categories, and had a final download total of 18,000 for the day.

Now it is the beginning of the second day.  The book will remain free throughout this morning and then it will go to $.99 later this afternoon.  Hopefully that will start generating income for the book.  What can I say – I am mightily impressed.

I am so immensely grateful to the folks at Epic Book Launch and I want to give their website once again, in case you are interested in checking them out –

As I’ve said before I am not good, nor interested in spending time on social media.  But it is how the marketing system works these days.  And this is what these guys have mastered.  They can do what I cannot.  I need to spend my time writing, and don’t have the time to spend on marketing.  And believe me, these guys can do it!

Also wanted to let you know my new book Yank, An American Model in 1960’s Swinging London is just about ready.  I am tweaking the cover and then it will be out there on Amazon.  So keep a look out.  I hope you enjoy it.



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