Update on Book Launch

Epic Book Launch launched my book The Seed on Sunday the 29th.  It was an interesting experience.  Successful but not wholly so.  On that Sunday and during Monday morning we got 18K free downloads.  Then during the afternoon they started charging $.99 and the numbers crashed.  As of today April 7th there have been 280 paid downloads.  These are not the numbers we expected.  However, it is many more sales for the month than I normally had.  It will be interesting to see if there continue to be even a modest amount of sales going forward.

I’ve queried the Book Launch people about what’s next and so far don’t have an answer.  I think they are regrouping and strategizing.  I’ve not heard from them yet about the next moves.  Do we continue to do some more work on marketing The Seed or do we move on to another book.  Will keep you posted.

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