I Need Your Help

Comes a time when everyone needs a little help, and it becomes necessary to reach out and ask.  And for me this is one of those times.

At 74 I am a pretty healthy guy.  My only complaint is that I have badly deteriorated knees from arthritis.  I have an excellent surgeon who says I need to have a double knee replacement as soon as possible.  And I know he’s right because I have just started to need a cane to walk.

I have excellent health insurance but, with just my social security income and a bit from my writing, it has been impossible to save up enough for the co-pays.  So gang, I have created a crowd funding site –  http://gfwd.at/1FVsMrr – and am hoping to raise enough for the co-pays so I can schedule the surgery.

Please visit the site and if you feel like giving that would be great.  Any amount will help.  But most importantly please share my story and this link to as many people as you can.

I will so greatly appreciate any help you can give.



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