Publication of New Book

3D Cover (1)It is now finally up and available.  My new book The Secret of Shasta – And the Hidden City.  And once again it is in a different genre than my other books.  This is a science fiction book with a New Age slant.  Here’s a brief description:

Erick, a geeky geologist, is also the son of the President.  On one of his geological explorations in the Mt. Shasta area of California, he stumbles upon a Sasquatch while taking photos, and is silently invited by the creature to follow him into the mountain – but, unfortunately, Erick is unable to follow.

However, he shares his astonishing photos with Thelma, his archeologist friend, who is investigating a lost civilization on a remote Hawaiian island.

On a return visit to Shasta to look for the Sasquatch, Erick stumbles upon an illegal oil drilling operation.  But he is discovered, threatened, and pursued by soldiers – until he finds sanctuary through a secret entrance into a completely unknown and unique world.

This discovery sets him off on a series of adventures that culminates when he and Thelma, independently, make a series of astonishing discoveries that will forever change the world’s view of the planet.

It was a lot of fun to write and I hope  you enjoy it.

Available at Amazon in both Kindle and print formats:

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