Jon’s Masterpieces

Erick, a geeky geologist, is also the son of the President.  On one of his geological explorations in the Mt. Shasta area of California, he stumbles upon a Sasquatch while taking photos, and is silently invited by the creature to follow him into the mountain – but, unfortunately, Erick is unable to follow.

However, he shares his astonishing photos with Thelma, his archeologist friend, who is investigating a lost civilization on a remote Hawaiian island.

On a return visit to Shasta to look for the Sasquatch, Erick stumbles upon an illegal oil drilling operation.  But he is discovered, threatened, and pursued by soldiers – until he finds sanctuary through a secret entrance into a completely unknown and unique world.

This discovery sets him off on a series of adventures that culminates when he and Thelma, independently, make a series of astonishing discoveries that will forever change the world’s view of the planet.

What would happen if a handsome pair of clever thieves completely bungled the heist of a priceless Guarneri cello from an Emir in Dubai?  Run like hell, of course.  And not only run, but hide.  Create new identities, and try to figure out a way to somehow recoup their losses, and make a bundle from a newly conceived art heist at a high-end museum.

And what if the new heist involves the making a movie, fending off a Chinese crime baron, and falling in love?  Not with each other – but she with the lead actor in the phony film, and he with an undercover spy sent by the Emir to squelch their best laid plans.

This genre-bending novel of crime and romance is filled with humor, surprises, and a cast of eccentric characters including a bunch of kids that intrude just as the new heist is about to be executed.  Think of the Keystone Cops cast in The Thomas Crown Affair.

If you are looking for a fun time, with lots of laughs, tons of suspense, and the blushing thrill of new romance you will LOVE Lights – Camera – Heist! A Romantic Misadventure.

The new U.S. President is a ruthless scoundrel.  His activist son, Diego, discovers his father conspired with the CEO of a major oil company, and the dictator of Venezuela to manipulate the oil markets, causing high gas prices, and ensuring his election as a drill friendly president.

Diego’s environmental action group exposes the President’s illegal act, unleashing a firestorm of criticism against the president, and several nasty murder attempts against Diego by the big oil CEO.

The President’s troubles only increase as a mistress comes forward, claiming to be carrying his child; his wife sues for divorce; and the dictator of Venezuela invades neighboring countries to control their oil, and threatens the U S with an attack of donated North Korean nuclear missiles if the U S tries to intervene.

And this is only a small part of this tangled tale of intrigue and struggle for power.  Diego and the President each try to take control of this out of control situation.  But many surprising twists and turns finally lead to an unexpected resolution.

Volter, a renegade European vampire arrives in a small Ohio town bent on destroying a colony of mutant vampires (neither fully vampire nor fully human), which he believes to be an inferior disgrace to the true vampire race.  The mutants have kept their identity unknown, as they are no threat to the human population.  It is Volter’s goal is to turn the blame for his ensuing bloody rampage upon the mutants themselves, hoping they will be destroyed by the citizens once their identity is revealed.  However, a local amateur detective and his friends become involved in the fight to eradicate Volter and save the reputation of the mutants who are solid community members.  But Volter is a formidable force not easily defeated.

Battles never cease and sparks fly when Sonora and Connye—the two Grand Divas of the Santa Fe Social Scene—strategize to best each other in a no-holds-barred look at adventures in social one-upsmanship.

Who says there are no longer civil wars in America? Santa Fe, New Mexico is the epicenter of epic battles fought between the two Queens of the local social scene. Told through a series of episodic tales, this satirical novel lurches back and forth between stories of the two Divas, tracing the rise and fall in the fortunes of Sonora and Connye, as they try to outdo each other and reign as Queen. But the battles are played out in the mostcivil of terms. Dinner parties, social events, and outside journeys to Puerto Vallarta, New Orleans, and New York carry the action through Southwest-style political intrigue; the search for buried treasure; battles to control visiting royalty; a Hollywood movie premiere, and the colorful exploits of an additional cast of sexually complex, supporting characters.  But it’s not all champagne and acid. There are also many touching moments. Lost children reunited with a missing parent. Unexpected generosity. The care of aging parents. The gratitude of a good friend for help in starting a new business. And a nativity scene mysteriously appearing in Sonora’s back yard on Christmas Day.

Finally, the climax comes when a new competitor arrives on the scene: Amanda Beor-Bink, a world-class fashion designer, who actively conspires, using her celebrity and money to claim the crown of “Queen of Santa Fe” for herself. But can and will Sonora and Connye take up the challenge to their already established supremacy?

Sex, Scandals, and Sweethearts – this lively and tantalizing short story collection allows you to roam a variety of landscapes filled with flashes of humor and intelligence that will amuse and move you deeply.  There are humorous short stories – gay short fiction – stories that are short and sweet – and short stories that are scandalous and outrageous.

  •  How does a fifteen year old go about deciding to become a professional gigolo? – Just a Gigolo Everywhere I Go
  •  Want to explore the hidden psyche of a man tormented by the death of his sister, at his hand, during their childhood –   True North
  •  Or find out what happens to a woman who forgets to brush her teeth one morning before a disastrous day at work – Why You Must Brush your Teeth
  •  And then there’s the tutor who is sexually besieged by both his students and their parents in this scandalous tale –     Dangling Participles
  •  Find out what it was like to be gay in 14th Century France in this gay romance – Cry of the Wolf
  •  Experience Christmas from the point of view of the presents – The Long Winter Solstice
  •  Explore the mystery behind the strange documents a man finds in the house of his deceased grandmother – Harbors
  •  Or attend the Academy Awards in this delightful and hilarious tale of revenge – Youngsters
  •  And then there’s the kid who wins a contest only to find his prize is the one he never expected – You Are a Winner
  •  Or how does a gay teen in the 19th century Wild West find out who he really is? – Madam Macadam

Heiress Bella Harrington-Crenshaw Found Murdered – that was the shocking headline that rocked the quiet and complacent Santa Fe social scene.  And one of their own just might have been the murderer.  What rancor could have caused one of these sweet, mild tempered ladies to commit such an atrocious act?  Or were there other unknown forces at work?  International spies, senatorial murder, blackmail, art theft, hidden identities, and a masquerading drag queen, all humorously complicate a simple resolution to this tangled mystery.  First introduced in Divas Never Flinch, this cast of irascible characters returns with new delights and magnificent battles.

SWINGING LONDON IN THE 1960’S – the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Twiggy, Mary Quant, Carnaby Street, pirate radio, the movie Darling.  Is that how you remember the 60’s?  And if you weren’t there, is that how you might imagine it?  But what was it like to actually live in London during that era?

Our author actually lived and worked there as a male model during those heady years.  Told through a series of amusing stories involving captivating characters, see what it was like to walk those London streets.

  • Witness an insane interview with the Beatles
  • Experience life as a news reader at Radio Caroline
  • Meet the kooky characters of London’s hip, young trend-setters
  • Glimpse the making of a commercial in Portugal
  • Follow along on a trip through France and Spain

Laugh at amusing tales of love, lust, and disappointment

Jon’s Children Books

Trang, Bindu, and Squeaker expect the return of their parents from a mysterious trip abroad.  Trang, the eldest, has been in charge of the family while the parents are away.  But when the parents don’t return on the expected date the kids decide to try and find out where they might have gone and begin a search in their inventor father’s secret workshop for clues.  The kids find their father’s and mother’s journals and a treasure map.  Then they must solve the puzzles in the journals to find the paths that will lead them to the treasure and their parents.

However, an associate of their father’s, Dr. Kropulent, wants to steal the journals and find the treasure for himself.  But the kids evade him by escaping in their father’s time machine – setting off on a journey to different countries and through different times – following clues that will lead them to their parents and the treasure.

Elgar just wants to be a real Christmas tree.  Raised on a farm next to his mother, Elgar is excited when she is chosen to be part of this year’s Christmas celebration.  However, Elgar is afraid to be left behind.  But one of the tree cutters sees Elgar and decides he would be the perfect tree for his young daughter.  But when Elgar gets to the Christmas tree lot, the cutter discovers Elgar has missing branches and rejects him.  What will become of Elgar now?

For pre-school children – age 3-5

Leticia Moffett is a nine-year-old girl who is not easily dissuaded.  Once she sets her mind on creating a community garden in the vacant lot next to her house she is determined to see her dream come true.  A grumpy neighbor insists it will only encourage gangs and crime.  But Leticia and her faithful dog Houdini plunge ahead and begin to rally the willing neighbors.  But can this young girl accomplish this huge task and fulfill her dream?


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